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How does exploring space and other planets help us?

This section deals with answering questions upon the value of exploring space. Here are some ideas about how to use this resource with your students.


Level: Ages 6-10



External Links with Descriptions:


Cosmic Chats

Cosmic Chats is an excellent text based resource for teachers and good readers. It offers lots of bite size opinions serious and fun from different astronauts. You will have to scroll back and forwards to follow a thematic thread.



NASA topic index.


NASA and Microsoft have been working together making terrabytes of astronomy data available:




These ESA pages, aimed at the general public give mission news and overviews. Interesting missions are Rosetta, Cassini-Huygens and Darwin.


ESA Science Outreach home pages are very accessible on a number of levels and make a good start to further research on the more detailed ESA science and Technology pages:



Cassini-Huygens home page



Rosetta home page



Darwin home page



ESA Science and Technology offers excellent summary and project description pages. They are suitable for older students and teacher use. There are excellent images and downloads on each of the project home pages. To navigate quickly use the ESA Science and Technology Home page - click on Solar System top bar. Use the table that appears to find missions and destinations.


From NASA, there are the following sites:






There's a good video on the following URL on the final Hubble Servicing Mission, including remarks from astronauts:



There's some great Hubble imagery at:



Here's the main page for the Mars rovers:



The main page for the Mars Phoenix mission, again with some good imagery:




A collection of space science dedicated education resources for teachers and educators - browse, bookmark and download images, videos, picture packs, interactive, and MUCH more!


Picture pack photo collection. Click here to download.

Picture Photopacks are a special thematic collection of beautiful images for personal download at home or in the classroom. Use them for your school, homework or out of school projects. Try making your own space gallery or space corner, or just stick them on your bedroom wall or fridge door!

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