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IAF Awards

The International Astronautical Federation is very pleased to announce its 2009 IAF Awards.


Since 1977, the Allan D. Emil Memorial Award has been presented annually for an outstanding contribution to space science, space technology, space medicine or space law.


This year's award is given to Dr Wei Sun from the United Kingdom in recognition of her great impact in the success of the International Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC) programme.


The Frank J. Malina Astronautics Medal is presented annually to an educator who has demonstrated excellence in taking the fullest advantage of the resources available to them to promote the study of astronautics and related space sciences. It is sponsored by the Aerojet Corporation of which Frank Malina was a founder, and administered by the AIAA.


The 2009 Medal is presented to Ms Barbara Morgan of the United States. Ms Morgan was selected as a backup for the NASA Teacher in Space programme in 1985. After the Challenger accident, Morgan picked up the responsibilities of the Teacher in Space designee. Morgan has returned to her classroom of primary student in Idaho and continues to promote space education.


The Luigi G. Napolitano Award is presented annually by the Education Committee of the International Astronautical Federation to a young scientist, below 30 years of age, who has contributed significantly to the advancement of the aerospace science and has given a paper at the International Astronautical Congress on the contribution.


The Luigi G. Napolitano Award was donated by the Napolitano family and consists of the Napolitano commemorative medal and a certificate of citation.


This year’s award is given to Daniel Kwom (USA) for his significant contribution in advanced research in dynamics of space systems.


The IAF Student awards recognise the best papers presented by student at the IAC Congress in the Undergraduate and Graduate Categories.


Undergraduate Category


1st prize: Mr Florian Goebel, Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany for the paper CFD Simulation of Hydrogen-Oxygen and Methaneoxigen System for Shuttle Main Combustion Chamber Including Radiative Effects.


2nd prize: Mr Bradley Goodman, Arizona State University, United States for the paper Solid Rocket Propellant Characterization through Crawford Strand Burner Regression Rate Testing.


Graduate Category

1st prize: Mr Adam Cowling, Virginia Tech, United States for the paper Pitch-Control Predictor-Corrector and Neural Network Ascent Guidance.


2nd prize: Ms Marie-Eve Gagne, University of Toronto, Canada for the paper A new technique to measure temperature profiles in the Mars' middle atmosphere.


British Interplanetary Society Prize for best technical paper


Kumiko Nakamura from the University of Tokyo for the paper Aerothermodynamic Analysis on Low-Ballistic-Coefficient Aerocapture Vehicle with Membrane Decelerator.


Hans von Muldau Team Award for the Best Team Project

The team represented by Nicola Baggio from the University of Milan for the paper Survival and Operations of a Micro-Lander During the Night on the Dark Side of the Moon.

29 October 2009


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