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Celebrating Ten Years of the International Space Station



The International Astronautical Federation (IAF) held a Symposium "Celebrating Ten Years of the International Space Station" at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France on Wednesday 9 July and Thursday 10 July 2008.


The symposium focused on the history and significance of the cooperation and looked ahead to what can be achieved in the coming years.


The meeting brought together the key leaders in the past and future of the International Space Station.



 ISS Symposium Report (PDF)





Wednesday 9 July 2008



Welcome address from Jim Zimmerman

James Zimmerman, President, International Astronautical Federation welcomed delegates on behalf of both the IAF and Marcio Barbosa, Deputy Director General, UNESCO.


 James Zimmerman's presentation (PDF)




"The Amazing Technical Achievement" was Wednesday's  Keynote Presentation given by William Gerstenmaier, Associate Administrator for Space Operations, NASA.


See The Amazing Technical Achievement




The "How It All Started" discussion involved negotiators of the first Space Station Memorandum of Understanding (1984-1988): Margaret Finarelli (NASA, retired), Mac Evans (CSA, retired) and Fredrik Engstrom (ESA, retired).


See How It All Started



"Expanding the Partnership" was a panel involving negotiators of the second ISS Memorandum of Understanding (1994-1998): Lynn Cline (NASA), Alexey Krasnov, (Roscosmos), Pepe Giampalmo (ESA, retired) and Yoshinori Yoshimura (JAXA).


See Expanding the partnership



"Living and working on the Space Station" was a discussion among International Space Station Expedition crew members. Jean-Francois Clervoy, Leopold Eyharts, Satoshi Furukawa, Sergei Krikalev and Michael Lopez-Alegria participated.


See Living and Working on the ISS




Thursday 10 July 2008



Jean-Jacques Dordain, Director General, European Space Agency. gave Thursday's keynote presentation entitled "Celebrating the International Space Station".


See Celebrating the ISS




"Today's View of the partnership" was a discussion among members of today's Space Station Multilateral Coordination Board: William Gerstenmaier (NASA), Benoit Marcotte (CSA), Simonetta Di Pippo (ESA), Yoshiyuki Hasegawa (JAXA) and Alexey Krasnov (RSA).


See Today's view of the Partnership



A panel entitled "Industry Delivers on the International Challenge" featured a discussion among ISS industry leaders: Mike Parfitt (MDA), Michael Raftery (Boeing), Michael Menking (EADS), Luigi Quaglino (TAS), Nobuhiko Fukuda (MHI).


See Industry Delivers on the International Challenge




Ronald J White spoke of the "Medical Challenges for Humans in Space".


See Ronald White's speech





Martin Zell talked about "ISS as an Observing Science Platform".


See Martin Zell's speech





Jeff Bingham presented "The US ISS National Laboratory Initiative".


See Jeff Bingham's speech



Closing address from Jim Zimmerman


James Zimmerman, President, International Astronautical Federation formally closed proceedings.




 ISS event programme








     Video showing the July 2008 configuration of the ISS 

       With thanks to John David Bartoe






     Node 2, Columbus and ATV





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