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Luigi G. Napolitano Award

The Luigi G. Napolitano Award is presented annually by the Education Committee of the International Astronautical Federation to a young scientist, below 30 years of age, who has contributed significantly to the advancement of the aerospace science and has given a paper at the IAF Congress on the contribution.


2008 Giuseppe Del Gaudio (Italy)

2007 Paul Williams (Australia)

2006 Carlo Menon (Italy)

2005 Nicola Baggio (Italy)

2004 Julie Bellerose (USA)

2003 Veronica de Micco (Italy)

2002 Stefano Ferreti (Italy)

2001 Noboru Takeichi (Japan)

2000 Frederic Monnaie (France)

1999 Chris Blanksby (Australia)

1998 Michael Donald Ingham

1997 G.W.R. Frenken (Netherlands)

1996 W. Tang (China)

1995 O.G Liepack (Germany)

1994 Ralph D. Lorenz (UK)

1993 Dr. Shin-Chin Nishizawa (Japan)


The Luigi Gerardo Napolitano Society

Mission and Goals

The Luigi Gerardo Napolitano Society has the ambitious aim of converting thought into action for the third millennium alongside promoting the south of Italy.

The Society wants, through its work, to be a stimulus and support for policy making actions in the industrial sector, for high managerial and scientific training.


In this sphere the Society proposes three aims:

  • To continue, within the Education Committee of the IAF (International Astronautical Federation), the annual allocation of the Luigi Gerardo Napolitano Award to a young scientist under the age of 30 who has contributed substantially to the progress of knowledge in the field of aerospace and microgravity
  • To promote managerial ability in small and medium businesses in the aeronautical and space sectors, starting with the south of Italy. To reach this goal the Society will sponsor 50% of the costs of a course coherent with the development strategies of these businesses at Harvard Business School, Executive Education (www.hbs.edu ), Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
  • Revisit the thought and teaching of Professor Napolitano, with a study grant for a graduate student of classical studies.


The Luigi Gerardo Napolitano Society has also been involved with the Young Professionals Entrepreneurship Prize.


You can visit the Luigi Gerardo Napolitano Society website at www.lgnsociety.it


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